Invitation for cooperation

The company 'Grand Med Service' is a distributor of medical equipment and supplies from Ukraine.
Since 2002, we have been actively promoting the products of such manufacturers of medical equipment as Agfa, FujiFilm, Sony, Mitsubishi, Carestream Health, Trimax, Codonics, Vidar and others in the Ukrainian market.
And now we are fairly holding the leading position in the Ukrainian market of medical goods.

The main product categories presented in our catalog are: Traditional (wet) X-ray films, X-ray films for dry printing on medical printers, Thermal paper for medical printers, Industrial X-ray films, Developers and Fixings for X-ray film, Medical radiological printers, Medical printers for ultrasound, X-ray film cassettes, Digital CR cassettes for digitizing, Medical digitizing machines CR, X-ray machines, Gels for ultrasound and ECG, Medical monitors, Accessory suiars and Accessories.

We are open to new contacts and we invite to cooperation various manufacturers of medical equipment, supplies and accessories from around the world.
If you have an interest in cooperation - we suggest to write to us on our e-mail

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+38 095 357 87 64
+38 096 193 93 40